NM India Biotech is involved in the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical free agri inputs. We belong to the Sunlight Group which has a diverse business portfolio in sectors like mining, logistics, petroleum & food processing since 2003. Our rich agricultural background and the knowledge gained over generations have helped us to understand the pros and cons of the current agri-farming situation. We are all set to make our contribution towards agriculture and animal nutrition in order to ensure a sustainable development.


We at NM India Biotech dream and aspire to contribute in the reformation of indian agriculture where our farmers are able to ensure qualitative and quantitative production with prosperity and growth, heading towards a sustainable future.


We aim to provide innovative inputs in the field of agriculture, giving utmost importance to quality and efficacy, ensuring the profitability of a famer and protecting the soil health and human health. We aspire to ensure a continuous research and come up with result oriented products according to the changing farmer needs. We aim to support organic farming with our result oriented chemical free products so that export quality organic crops can be produced and at the same time increasing the per unit production to fulfill the domestic and international demand.

Parmanand Patidar

Founder's Message Mr. Parmanand Patidar

NM India biotech came into being with the idea of a sustainable development. The growth of India depends on growth of agriculture which is its biggest and most potential sector. With the dream to contribute in the growth of agriculture, NM India Biotech has developed a cutting edge infrastructure facility lead by a team of research associates to lead the manufacturing activities and to create a niche in the industry. We are committed for a chemical free production in order to preserve the environment and achieve a sustainable future.

The organization is fuelled by young, professional and self-motivated individuals who aim to work collectively as a team adhering to the vision and mission of the organization.

Premium Quality

Quality Policy

We are committed to ensure quality in whatever we think, make and do and to establish quality as the most important parameter in all aspects of business.