Parmanand Patidar

Mr. Parmanand Patidar Founder

The journey of Mr. Parmanand Patidar starts with the R. K. Group since its early days in 1991. Working with the R K Group, he has been instrumental in expanding the production of marbles as well as in the establishment of their cement business.(Wonder Cement Ltd.). As a director and part of the leadership team Mr. Patidar has an association of more than 25 years with the R K Group.

Being the head of the family, Mr.Patidar laid the seeds of the Sunlight Group in 2003 with younger brother Mr. Pushkar Patidar. The success of this new venture came from his passion for building the necessary structure needed for running general administration and creating a team that can deliver.

He earnestly looks forward to the new project (NM India Biotech). For him it is a new born baby who needs to grow and become the first choice of customer in the field of agriculture and animal nutrition. He believes in the basics of simplicity, ethics, quality and transparency as the mantra for the exponential growth of NM India Biotech.

Anil Kothari

Dr. Anil Kothari Head - Technical & Training

Dr. Anil Kothari carries with him the comprehensive strength of his two decade experience in agricultural extension activities and training of thousands of farmers and agricultural field functionaries.

Hailing from Udaipur, Rajasthan, he started his career in the "Directorate of Extension Education Udaipur" straight away after his post-graduation from Rajasthan College of Agriculture.

Further, during his doctorate he continued his research on "Knowledge and adoption of post-harvest technology in agriculture".

Dr. Kothari has been associated with NM India Biotech since its inception, overseeing the overall functions of technical support along with training and development. His technical capabilities are evident from his remarkable work & contribution in Gramin Vikas Trust, Swach Pariyojna Udaipur & BAIF. He also has set up significant milestones during his work with “The Agriculture Insurance Co. of India Ltd.” He now handles the dual responsibility of technical support & training.

Nitesh Jasani

Mr. Nitesh Jasani Head-Product Innovation & Process

As a fresh Msc. Graduate from DAVV - Indore and during his first assignment as Production Manager in Indore Biotech Input little did the Microbiologist in Mr.Nitesh Jasani realize that he would go on to shape and strategize its diverse facets.

He spent around 10 years gaining expertise on Managing Production & Quality control, Production of biofertilizers & biopesticides, being a guide to farmers to encourage organic farming.

Keeping up with new research he carried out remarkable work on "Capsulation Techniques of Biopesticide products “& Botanical pesticides. He also worked on “Use of Medicago sativa plant in the preparation of vermicompost with the help of Pheretima posthuma."

Today, Mr. Jasani is primarily involved in the design and trials of innovative and result oriented agricultural inputs in terms of biofertilizers and plant nutrient supplements aimed at consolidating and placing NM India Biotech on a firm growth trajectory much ahead of competitor perceptions.